21 Britannia Statue on Cenotaph on Argyle Street in Halifax, Canada

In the middle of Grand Parade is the 30 foot tall Cenotaph crafted in granite. The memorial was erected in 1929 as a tribute to Canadians who died in World War I. Since then, the years of conflict during World War II and the Korean War have been added. The most striking feature is a bronze sculpture of Britannia created by John Massey Rhind. Britannia has symbolized the United Kingdom since the second century. In this context, she represents the Motherhood of Nova Scotia. Britannia is portrayed holding a shield emblazoned with Halifax’s coat of arms. On the left is a fisherman, on the right is a sailor and in the middle is a kingfisher representing industry. The Latin motto means Wealth from the Sea.


1770 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3J 3K4, Canada


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