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1 Brief History of Victoria, Canada

You are entering the Inner Harbour of Vancouver Island. Straight ahead is the skyline of Victoria. Others have arrived earlier. This was the territory of the Lekwungen People long before the first Europeans sailed by in the late 18th century. Settlement began as a fur trading post in 1843. The population swelled during a gold rush 15 years later. In 1852, the town was named after the 33 year old reigning queen of the United Kingdom. Victoria became a city in 1862 and the capital of Canada’s westernmost province in 1871. It further prospered when connected to the interconnectional railway and thrived as a sheltered seaport along the Pacific coast. All of this happened within the first five decades. See what you’ve missed? Don’t worry. Victoria is very proud of their early history and eager to tell their stories as you discover Old Town.


Victoria Harbour, Victoria, Canada


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