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48 Brief History of Tauranga, New Zealand

Central Tauranga is on the Te Papa Peninsula meaning flat land. The original Māori tribes called their settlement Tauranga-moana. The first Europeans were British Anglicans. The Church Missionary Society purchased land from the Indigenous people in 1835 to establish a mission station. In 1864, the British military built Camp Te Papa at Monmouth Redoubt at the northern edge of today’s central business district. As the town grew during the late 19th century and early 20th century, the Borough Council bought waterfront property for recreational use. In 1916, the East Coast Railway finished laying tracks parallel to the harbor. All of these historical events are evident as you walk along The Strand. The last major development was the construction of a bridge across the harbor in 1988. It connected Tauranga with its neighboring peninsula capped by Mount Maunganui. The Mount is a 761 foot lava dome formed two to three million years ago.


Tauranga Harbour, Tauranga 3110, New Zealand


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