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Brief History of Palm Springs, California

The Cahuilla people have lived in the San Jacinto Plain for over 500 years. In 1862, the first non-Native American to settle in the area was a stagecoach station operator named Jack Summers. Eighteen years later, Mathew Bryne and William Slyke – a pair of developers – began purchasing land from the local tribe. They called their investment the Palm City Land and Water Company. John McCallum followed their lead in 1885. People started showing up in the early 1900s, attracted by the springs and wintertime temperatures. When movie stars arrived in the late 1920s, the town bloomed as a resort community. This further attracted rich retirees and members of the mob. Today, Palm Springs has about 45,000 residents. It is a hotbed for tourism during the winter and just plain hot during the summer.

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