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Boats Docked at Port of Manaus in Manaus, Brazil

The primary means of transportation to and from Manaus is by boat. The Port of Manaus is cluttered with them. They range from big commercial vessels and cruise ships to small, hand-built wooden canoes and rafts. In between are triple-decker and single-level riverboats. Some provide sightseeing tours. Most are ferries to transport merchandise for people living outside the city or in the rainforest. These vessels are at Porto Flutuante. The floating dock can rise or fall over 45 feet to accommodate the changing water levels of the river. Manaus also has the Eduardo Gomes International Airport. Forget about driving! Although it is technically possible to take the 500 mile BR319 “highway” to Manaus, the road is very poorly maintained and virtually impassable in places.


Av. Lourenço da Silva Braga, 2444 – Centro, Manaus - AM, 69057-050, Brazil


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