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35 Black Sand Beach in Richmond, Saint Vincent

The end of your road trip along the Caribbean coastline brings you to Richmond Beach. The sweeping shoreline consists of course black sand and polished, multicolored stones. You will see locals shoveling the material into piles. The rocks are used for building construction and street repairs. Richmond Beach is also the end of the Leeway Highway. North of here is La Soufrière. The 4,049 foot, active stratovolcano caps the top of Saint Vincent. Soufrière has erupted five times since the early 18th century; twice in the 1970s. The most destructive event occurred in 1902 when more than 1,600 people were killed. Serious hikers will be interested in the La Soufriere Cross Country Trail. The coast-to-coast hike takes about six hours.


Richmond Beach, Leeward Hwy, Richmond, St. Vincent & Grenadines


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