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Bibataubín Palace in Granada, Spain

Ibn al-Aḥmar was the first ruler of the Emirate of Granada. During his reign (1232 to 1273), he commissioned Bibataubín Palace. This was the southern demarcation of the Islamic city protected by a wall and two watchtowers. In the early 16th century, the Catholic Monarchs had the castle strengthened and encircle by a moat. 250 years later, the citadel was in severe disrepair and worthless as a defense. In 1752, the former palace was converted into a military barracks. It served this role on and off again until 1932 when it became the headquarters for the Provincial Council. Since 2010, this historic edifice has been the office for the Consultative Council of Andalusa.


Plaza Bibataubin, 18009 Granada, Spain


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