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Bergen Cathedral in Bergen, Norway

Nearly 80% of Bergen’s population worship at the Church of Norway, an Evangelical Lutheran denomination. This cathedral for the Diocese of Bjørgvin is Bergen Domkirke. When founded in 1181, the church was dedicated to Saint Olaf. Olaf II Haraldsson was the king of Norway from 1015 to 1028 and canonized in 1164. The former Catholic diocese changed affiliation during the Lutheran Reformation of Denmark and Norway in 1537. Soon afterwards, the Bergen Cathedral was reconstructed. During subsequent renovations in the 17th and 19th centuries, efforts were made to retain its Middle Ages appearance. Look to the left of the large lancet window. The hole is from a British cannonball fired at a Dutch convoy during the Battle of Bergen in 1665.


Domkirkeplassen 1, 5003 Bergen, Norway


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