Bell Tower of Cádiz Cathedral in Cádiz, Spain

The Catedral de Santa Cruz de Cádiz is the architectural masterpiece of the city. Construction began in 1722. The project was not finished for 116 years. What started with a Baroque design acquired Rocco, Gothic and Neoclassical elements by the time it was done in 1838. The standout features of the Cathedral of Cádiz are the twin, 131 foot bell towers. The entry fee for the cathedral includes the opportunity to climb the winding ramp to the top of Torre de Poniente (West Tower). The observation deck provides spectacular views of Casco Antiguo (Old Town) plus the seas encircling the city. If the bell chimes during your visit, it will definitely get your attention.


Plaza de la Catedral, 11005 Cádiz, Spain


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