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4 Bell Tower of Bath Abbey in Bath, England

Bath’s first monastery was established around 675. Nearly 300 years later, it was converted to the Order of Saint Benedict. They were also known as the Black Monks. After the Normans overthrew England in the late 11th century, John of Tours – a physician for William the Conqueror – began building a cathedral when he became the Bishop of Wells and later Bath. It was finished in 1156. After falling into disrepair, the church was rebuilt by the brother team of William and Robert Vertue. Shortly after completion, the Catholic church was surrendered to the crown in 1539 as part of the English Reformation. To this day, Bath Abbey remains affiliated with the Church of England. The last major restoration occurred during the mid-19th century under the supervision of Sir George Gilbert Scott. The 161 foot bell tower is a prominent city landmark. Inside the belfry are ten bells. The oldest were cast in 1700.


Bell Tower of Bath Abbey in Bath, England

12, Kingston Buildings, Bath BA1 1LT, UK


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