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22 Bell Tower and St Mary’s Church in Caernarfon, Wales

There is a lovely, seaside promenade stretching from the castle to Victoria Dock. It retraces the Slate Quay along the shore of Menai Strait. In the northwest corner there is a lot to admire. In the foreground is the five-ton anchor from the HMS Conway, an 1833 battle ship later used for naval training. Behind it is the Bell Tower, part of the 13th century town wall extending to the right. In 1307, this tower became part of the foundation for St Mary’s Church. The chapel was designed by Henry de Ellerton and built to serve the garrison who protected the city. The lancet window leads to the church’s vestry. On the far right is Bath Tower, so named when it was converted into part of a public bath in 1823. In between are benches. Sit here to watch glorious sunsets over the water.


19 Church St Caernarfon LL55 1SW, UK


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