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Bath Stone Facades in Bath, England

Rarely is a city’s architecture as consistent as it is in Bath. As discussed earlier, most buildings were constructed during the Georgian era. This period from 1714 through 1830 corresponds to when four Great Britain monarchs from the House of Hanover ruled: King George I, II, III and IV. Another common denominator is the use of Bath Stone. The oolite limestone with a beige hue was all harvested from a local, 15 acre site named the Combe Down Quarry and Bathampton Down Mines. These quarries were owned by Postmaster General and city major Ralph Allen. As you can imagine, this mining operation made him very wealthy. The Garrick’s Head Pub is named after the Garrick’s Head Tavern. This adjacent property occupied a 1720 house before making way for the building of the Theatre Royal.

Bath Stone Facades in Bath, England

8 St. Johns Place, City Centre, Bath BA1 1ET, UK


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