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17 Bastion Square in Victoria, Canada

Bastion Square is an ideal respite during your exploration of the waterfront. The pedestrian walkway is home to several outdoor cafes plus restaurants and taverns. During the summer months, the area is alive with local artisans. Until 2019, you knew you arrived when you saw this sculpture resembling tall red tulips. Commerce Canoe was created by artist Illarion Gallant in 2008. It actually is a tribute to the First Nations people who once harvested wild rice in the waterways near Victoria. The artwork has since been replaced by a 30 foot Welcome Pole. So why is this called Bastion Square? Because this was the location of a Fort Victoria bastion that once guarded the harbor. The city jail was also here during the gold rush era.


1205 Wharf St, Victoria, BC V8W 1T8, Canada


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