Baluarte del Orejón in Cádiz, Spain

Continuing your waterfront walk along Campo del Sur brings you to the northwestern edge of Cádiz and the Atlantic Ocean. As you round the corner, watch for an arched gate named La Caleta on Paseo Fernando Quiñones. Then pass beneath a much older city gate (Puerta de la Caleta). This area is Punta de San Felipe (Tip of Saint Philip) named in honor of Felipe II and Felipe III. Admire the curtainwall with a sentry box. This is Baluarte del Orejón. The small, early 17th century bastion marks the western boarder of La Caletra Beach. In the background is Santa Catalina Castle.


Puerta de la Caleta, Paseo Fernando Quiñones, 11002 Cádiz, Spain


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