32 Back Cove View from Fort Sumner Park in Portland, Maine

The United States celebrates 1776 as their Declaration of Independence. However, Great Britain did not formally recognize the end of the American Revolutionary War until 1783. Afterwards, the new country worried about retaliation. So, a decade later, they began building a network of batteries along the eastern coastline named the First System of Seacoast Defense. One of these fortifications was placed on Munjoy Hill in 1794. It was originally named Fort Allen and later became Fort Sumner. The blockhouse and cannons are long gone. But Sumner Park is still worth visiting. The elevated position provides a wonderful view of the city skyline, especially at sunset. You can also admire the circular Back Cove. The estuary is especially attractive during the autumn when foliage is ablaze.


59 North Street, Portland, ME 04101


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