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Attractions of La Ronda in Quito, Ecuador

La Ronda has evolved into a charming place to visit for tourists and locals. Flanking the narrow, cobblestone street are colorful and restored colonial houses. Inside are artisan shops and galleries plus restaurants ranging from inexpensive Ecuadorian specialties to expensive fine cuisine. Many serve their meals in open-air courtyards. Street performers are common. At night, the taverns and dance clubs offer a variety of live music. Your map may list this street as Calle Morales. It was given this name in 1880 to honor Juan de Dios Morales. He was a leader of the Revolution on August 10, 1809, against Spain. When the coup failed, Morales and others were imprisoned and then murdered.


Calle de la Ronda & Calle Guayaquil, Quito 170130, Ecuador


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