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1 Arriving at Saint John, Canada

If you are one of the 175,000 annual cruise passengers visiting Saint John for the day, you will arrive at the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal. The facility is named after a three-masted wooden ship built at the port in 1851. Saint John has a population of about 70,000 … nearly twice more live in the metropolitan area. This qualifies as the second largest city in the province of New Brunswick. Saint John was founded by the French in 1604 and incorporated by the British in 1785. Now, it is your turn to explore the historic waterfront, the world’s most dramatic tide fluctuation plus the walkable Uptown (downtown) and neighborhoods. They are filled with predominately stone/brick storefronts and houses. Most were built during five years of the Victorian Era after a devasting fire in 1877.


111 Water St, Saint John, NB E2L 0B1, Canada


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