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1 Arriving at Cruise Terminal in Bergen, Norway

If you are cruising to Bergen, Norway, chances are you will dock at the main terminal named Skolten Cruisehavn (or Skoltegrunnskaien) in Norwegian. While you are waiting to disembark, you will be tantalized by these wooden boathouses. You are about to have a wonderful day! Norway’s second largest city with over 275,000 residents is small enough to casually explore on foot. Or consider a hop-on/hop-off bus beginning at the terminal. Either way, you will soon discover what about a half million cruisers learn each year: Bergen is a spectacular port of call in Western Norway. It justifiably earned the designation of a UNESCO World Heritage City. This travel guide provides highlights of what to see.


Skoltegrunnskaien 1, 5003 Bergen, Norway


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