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5 Architecture at Jejumok-Gwana in Jeju City, South Korea

The Joseon Dynasty shed Buddhism in favor of Confucian dogma. This impacted their architecture. It was characterized by practicality and frugality and arranged in harmony with nature and the environment. This adherence to pungsu principals is evident in the structure and layout of the ten buildings at Jejumok-Gwana. They are simple, open and wooden yet enhanced by elongated, patterned gray tiles above ornately painted crossbeams. The columns and façades are a bright vermillion and affixed to stone platforms. They are laid out in a grid pattern with three gates and an equal number of courtyards. The official buildings are in front and the residences are in back. This is Yeongjuhyeopdang. It served as the Yeong military building for 15 officers.


43-3 Samdo-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea


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