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Archbishop’s Palace in Toledo, Spain

Primacy of Toledo may have been established by St. James the Great (James the Apostle) in the 1st century. During the Middle Ages, this Roman Catholic diocese was second only to the Vatican in terms of power and riches. The Archbishop’s Palace adjacent to the cathedral was constructed in the 13th century. This façade was added in 1543. Above the entrance’s Ionic columns are reliefs of angels holding the coat of arms of Juan Pardo de Tavera. He was the Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain from 1534 until 1545. The top insignia represents the House of Habsburg. The Habsburgs ruled the Holy Roman Empire for over 1,250 years. They also produced countless European monarchs. The dynasty was dissolved during the 18th century.


Calle Arco de Palacio, 3, 45002 Toledo, Spain


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