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24 Archbishop Makarios Statue in Havana, Cuba

Partially hidden among bushes at Aracelio Iglesias Park near the Alameda de Paula promenade is this statue of Makarios III. He was the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus and the Ethnarch (leader) of the Greek Cypriot community. In 1960, he became the First President of the Republic of Cyprus and was compared to Castro’s rise in Cuba. Both men also became leaders in the Non-Aligned Movement, a group of countries “struggling against imperialism” (partial Castro quote). Perhaps that is why they developed a good relationship. In 2013, Bishop Nikiforos of Kykkos visited Havana, received an Ambassador of Cuba designation and gifted this sculpture by Nikolaos C. Kotziamanis.


Aracelio Iglesias Park, La Habana, Cuba


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