Anvil Rock Lookout near Blackheath in Blue Mountains, Australia

Now climb the staircase affixed to Anvil Rock Lookout and savor the expansive Grose River Valley, a visual highlight of Blue Mountains National Park. Below you are an impressive maze of forested canyons and ravines. Directly across from this great divide is Banks Wall, a 1,670 foot sandstone cliff. This escarpment is part of Mount Banks. The reddish/brown caps (red podzolics) are exposed Blue Mountains basalt, remnants of volcanic lava flow from over 17 million years ago. The tour guide Graham Chapman is pointing toward Mount Hay. The mountain’s dome peaks at 3,097 feet. If this scenery entices you to stay awhile, then consider pitching your tent at nearby Perrys Lookdown Campground.


Anvil Rock Lookout, Anvil Rock Track, Blackheath NSW 2787, Australia


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