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Albolafia Mill in Córdoba, Spain

The Romans were the first to deploy hydraulics in Córdoba. Later there were eleven waterwheels known as the Mills of the Guadalquivir. The most famous is the Albolafia Mill located along the southern riverbank near the Roman Bridge. Molino de la Albolafia was built to carry water to the palace of Abd-ar-Rahman II while he was Emir of Córdoba (822 – 852). Speculation is it was rebuilt in 1137. The watermill was dismantled during the 15th century because Isabella I of Castile was annoyed by its squeaking. The Albolafia Mill has been an element of the city’s heraldic shield since the 13th century.

Albolafia Mill in Córdoba, Spain

Av. del Alcázar, 512, 14003 Córdoba, Spain


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