10 Aftermath of 1866 Great Fire in Old Port District of Portland, Maine

North of Commercial Street and south of Federal Street is the Old Port District. Here you will discover boutique stores, diverse restaurants and charming pubs intermingled with small plazas and squares. A good place to start is Moulton Street shown here. Then meander left, right or straight ahead. Each direction reveals more delights. Soon you will notice most of the buildings are brick and appear to be from the Victorian Era. There is a reason for this consistency. On July 4, 1866, the Great Fire of Portland devastated 1,500 buildings and left over 10,000 people homeless. At the time, this was the worst fire in U.S. history. Remarkably, over 600 buildings were constructed in less than six months. You are walking among the rebirth of Portland.


11 Moulton St, Portland, ME 04101


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