Ouchy, Switzerland

Imagine yourself on a romantic stroll along the shores of Lake Geneva with the Swiss Alps in the background and the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers in the air. When you arrive in Ouchy, your fantasy becomes a reality.

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1 Strolling along Quai d’Ouchy in Ouchy, Switzerland

These knobby sycamore trees line the Quai d’Ouchy esplanade in a charming seaport south of Lausanne on the deepest part of Lake Geneva called Lac Léman. The one-kilometer stroll takes you passed Olympic Park, a medieval castle, the Ouchy harbor and the spectacular scenery of the snow-capped Swiss Alps.

Quai d'Ouchy 1006 Ouchy, Switzerland

2 Man Sitting with Lake Geneva and Alps in Ouchy, Switzerland

This young man found an idealistic spot beneath a sycamore tree on the northern shores of Lake Geneva. The view of Lac Léman and the cloud and snow covered Chablais Alps in the background is spectacular. Yet his head was buried in his mobile phone. How could anything on a six-inch screen compete with this picturesque vista?

Quai d'Ouchy 1006 Ouchy, Switzerland

3 Helvetie Steamer and Château d’Ouchy in Ouchy, Switzerland

The MPV Helvetie steamer was built in 1926 and dry docked in 2002. After she was moored along Quai de Belgique in Ouchy, the Olympic Museum began using her for temporary exhibition space. Plans to make her seaworthy again may stretch out until 2020. On the left is the tower of a medieval castle called Château d’Ouchy.

Quai d'Ouchy, 1006 Ouchy, Switzerland

4 Olympic Park Garden and Fountain in Ouchy, Switzerland

The International Olympic Committee is headquartered in Vidy south of Lausanne. This is the Olympic Museum in Ouchy. Their exhibits include 87,000 objects tracing the history of the games. A visual highlight is seeing the Olympic flame – the iconic symbol of the Olympics – burning in the square. This waterfall, garden and pavilion are part of Olympic Park. These spaces feature amazing statues of athletes in completive action.

Quai d'Ouchy 1, 1006 Ouchy, Switzerland

5 Docked Paddle Steamer in Ouchy, Switzerland

Paddle steamers began sailing on Lake Geneva in 1823. Many of these historic boats have been extensively renovated since being built in the early 20th century. They regularly leave the Port of Ouchy during the warm months for sightseeing, as ferries to French coastal towns, and for lunch and dinner cruises.

Quai d'Ouchy, 1006 Ouchy, Switzerland

6 Lake Geneva and Cloudy Chablais Alps in Ouchy, Switzerland

The crescent-shaped Lake Geneva in the southwest corner of Switzerland shares its 225 square miles of splendor with France. Surrounding it are spectacular views of summits that include Grand Combin, Mont Blanc, the Bernese Alps and this cloud covered Chablais Alps which defines it southern shore. This scene was photographed from the village of Ouchy near Lausanne.

Quai de Belgique 1006 Ouchy, Switzerland

7 Romantic Couple with Tulips along Lake Geneva in Ouchy, Switzerland

Few settings are more romantic than sitting on a bench close to your partner along Quai de Beique in Ouchy. The promenade is encircled by hundreds of gorgeous tulips and pansies. Who needs words when you can hold hands while marveling at the beauty of the Alps from across Lake Geneva along the southern shore?

Place du Général-Guisan 1006 Ouchy, Switzerland

8 Château d’Ouchy and Sycamore Trees in Ouchy, Switzerland

In 1170, the Bishop of Lausanne built a castle that later became the home for other bishops before becoming a prison. The tower was burned in 1609, rebuilt in 1889 and then became a hotel in 1893. The Château is the historic centerpiece of Ouchy, a quaint harbor community near Lausanne, Switzerland.

Place du Port 2 1006 Ouchy, Switzerland

9 Château d’Ouchy Vine-covered Windows in Ouchy, Switzerland

Vines cling to the stone wall of the Château d’Ouchy castle located along the shoreline of Lake Geneva. Since the fortress was first built in the late 12th century, it has been destroyed and rebuilt a couple of times. Yet sections of this tower are original dating back to 1177. The architectural elements of arches supported by Corinthian columns and accented with dentil ornamentation are simple yet elegant. The lace curtains are an attractive touch.

Place du Port 2 1006 Ouchy, Switzerland

10 Two Men in Balcony Below Clock Tower in Ouchy, Switzerland

The one man is probably pointing at the wonderful scenery of the Ouchy harbor, Lake Geneva, and the Swiss Alps from the balcony of his room beneath the clock and bell tower of the Aulac Hotel. This three star hotel, which was built in 1906, has an ideal setting in Ouchy, which is a seaside village a short distance from Lausanne, Switzerland.

Place de la Navigation 6 1006 Ouchy, Switzerland

11 Men Playing Outdoor Board Game in Ouchy, Switzerland

Place de la Navigation, which surrounds a marina, and neighboring Place du Pont are a perfect setting for friends, family or couples who want to idle away a warm afternoon in Ouchy. The square is also a favorite among locals for playing Nine Men’s Morris. This board game is simple to learn yet challenging to master. The game of strategy dates back to the Roman Empire.

Allée des Bacounis 1006 Ouchy, Switzerland

12 Male Mandarin Duck Standing in Lake Geneva in Ouchy, Switzerland

Photographing this exquisite, colorful male mandarin duck standing on a rock in the shallows of Lake Geneva was very exciting. Originally from eastern Asia, this handsome waterfowl was introduced to Europe in the early 18th century but is rarely seen in Switzerland.

Place de la Navigation 1A 1006 Ouchy, Switzerland

13 Eole Wind Vane Sculpture at Ouchy Harbor in Ouchy, Switzerland

Inside the harbor of Port Ouchy is this crescent-shaped sculpture by Clelia Bettua called Eole. It is as functional as it is beautiful because it is actually a 65 foot wind vane that helps boats navigate safely back to shore, like the sailboat on Lake Geneva with the Swiss Alps in the background.

Place de la Navigation 1A 1006 Ouchy, Switzerland