Encircle Ohio

Encircle Ohio: Begin your exploration of Ohio in Toledo, head east to Cleveland and then drive south. After visiting three wonderful towns, explore the capital city of Columbus in the center of The Buckeye State. Your last two stops are Dayton and finally Cincinnati.

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1 Kabuki Dancer Sculpture by Jerry Peart at Toledo Edison in Toledo, Ohio

In Levis Square near the Toledo Edison building (in the background) is this 15 foot, 1984 aluminum sculpture called “Kabuki Dancer” by Jerry Peart from Ashland, Virginia. Kabuki is a Japanese word dating back to 1603. It represents a type of dance, drama or theater that is characterized by elaborate, colorful costumes and make-up. The sculpture was commissioned by the One Percent for the Arts program and funded by the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority.

300 Madison Ave, Toledo, OH 43604
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2 Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Toledo, Ohio

Located in Toledo, Ohio, this Byzantine structure became the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in 1920 and a Cathedral in 1987. It now serves the religious and community needs of 450 families. During their Annual Greek-American Festival in early September, they also serve many types of wonderful gourmet Greek food, plus offer cooking demonstrations, live music and dancing. So, if you love Greek food, you won’t want to miss this event. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

802 N Superior St, Toledo, OH 43604
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3 The Advance Guard at Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in Cleveland, Ohio

In the Public Square of downtown Cleveland is the Cuyahoga County Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument. It was created by Captain Levi Tucker Scofield and dedicated on July 15, 1894. The sculptures are a tribute to Civil War veterans. This is one of four bronze battle scenes at the base of the monument. Called “The Advance Guard,” it depicts the cavalry. The other three show the navy, artillery and infantry.

3 Public Square, Cleveland, OH 44114
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4 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio

Behind this glass pyramid façade on Lake Erie are the stories and artifacts of rock music and a tribute to the legends who created the genre. It is all in the seven-level, 55,000 square foot Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Exhibits include costumes and instruments from famous musicians plus back stories on the not-so-famous who made significant contributions in composing, journalism, and production. Also highlighted are the early jazz, folk, blues and country artists who inspired the emergence of rock. Nearby is another building dedicated to the museum’s library and archives.

1100 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44114
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5 Foliated Female Face Relief at Board of Education Admin Building in Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Board of Education in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, is housed in a Beaux-Arts style building constructed in 1931. It looks tired. However, above the west entrance near the Abraham Lincoln statue is this marvelous, bas-relief sculpture of a female face veined by dried vines. I appreciate the elegance of architectural nuances that most people walk by without noticing. Next time, look up and enjoy!

1380 East 6th Street, Cleveland, OH 44114
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6 Free Rubber Stamp at Willard Park by Claes Oldenburg in Cleveland, Ohio

This very curious “Free Stamp” sculpture by Claes Oldenburg is found in Willard Park adjacent to city hall in Cleveland, Ohio. It was originally commissioned by the Standard Oil Company of Ohio. But, after they rejected it, the sculpture struggled to find a home until British Petroleum donated it to the city in 1991.

Free Stamp, 601 Lakeside Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44114
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7 Symphonic Suite Sculpture by Michael Cunningham at North Point Tower in Cleveland, Ohio

In a flower bed outside of the 19 story North Point Tower in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, is a sculpture of an orchestra, including this pianist and horn section. Not shown is the nearby string section. All of the full-size musicians are wearing a tux. This 1990 ensemble by Michael Cunningham is called, “Symphonic Suite.”

1001 Lakeside Ave E # 1720, Cleveland, OH 44114
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8 McKinley National Memorial Gravesite at McKinley Presidential Museum in Canton, Ohio

There have been over twenty attempts to assassinate U.S. presidents. Four of them were killed including William McKinley. The 25th president now lies in this McKinley National Memorial in Canton, Ohio. This tribute was completed six years after his death in 1901. 108 steps lead up to the tombs of the former president and his wife, Ida Saxton. The statue was based on a photograph of him the day before his assassination.

William Mckinley Tomb, 800 Mc Kinley Monument Dr NW, Canton, OH 44708
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9 William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum in Canton, Ohio

The William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum in Canton, Ohio, is a joy to visit. Of course it explains the life and assassination of the 25th president. The museum also has a series of rooms reconstructing life in the late 19th century. These include a living room, bar, barber shop and dentist office. Also on display are antique cars and a fire engine. In addition, the building hosts a science center and a planetarium.

McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, 800 Mc Kinley Monument Dr NW, Canton, OH 44708
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10 First Ladies National Historic Site in Canton, Ohio

There are 14 presidential libraries managed by the National Archives and Records Administration. There are also several private presidential museums, sites and monuments. But only Canton, Ohio, pays tribute to all of the first ladies. This exhibition is in the Ida McKinley home. Nearby is the National First Ladies’ Library. Together, these museums tell the stories of their lives, contributions and tragedies plus displays over 150 of their dresses.

329 Market Ave S, Canton, OH 44702
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11 Little Boy in Water Fountain in Canton, Ohio

Ever since God created little boys, hot afternoons and water fountains, they have been irresistibly drawn together. This little guy in downtown Canton had a splashing good time.

Market Ave N & 2nd St NE, Canton, OH 44702
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12 Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio

71,000 people attended Super Bowl XLVII in 2013. That number is equivalent to the population of Canton. This Ohio city is where the National Football League was founded in 1920 and the Pro Football Hall of Fame was built in 1963. Fifty years later, 280 inductees are honored inside the 82,300 square-foot museum. Only four to seven new members are added each year after an extensive nomination, selection and voting process.

2121 George Halas Dr NW, Canton, OH 44708
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13 Minnesota Vikings John Randle Bust at Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio

Although John Randle finished his career with the Seattle Seahawks, he wore a Minnesota Vikings’ jersey for ten years of his professional football career. He was an aggressive defensive end. His impressive record included 137 sacks, making him the nemesis of Brett Favre and other quarterbacks. He also was in the Pro Bowl seven times. This is Randle’s bust in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. He was inducted in 2010.

2121 George Halas Dr NW, Canton, OH 44708
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14 Third Street of Downtown Marietta, Ohio

Marietta is a town of about 14,000 people along the western boarder of Ohio just across the Ohio River from West Virginia. Third Street is the heart of their downtown. It is typical of other small U.S. towns that were founded in the 19th century, grew and prospered for decades, slowly lost their significance and then began to decline in income, economic stability and population. Yet Third Street has kept its pride and remains a pleasant place to live as do so many other small towns in the country’s heartland.

200 Union St # 4, Marietta, OH 45750
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15 Downtown Skyline and Scioto River at Sunset in Columbus, Ohio

This is a profile of the downtown Columbus skyline along the Scioto River at sunset. The country’s fifteenth largest city took its name from Christopher Columbus. It is located in the center of Ohio and is its state capital. Columbus feels vibrant and has received numerous “top ten” recognitions from several magazines. Among the attributes are their business environment, technology, future outlook, zoo, working moms, strong economy and being mentioned as one of the best big cities. All of these accolades are well deserved and warrant a visit.

W Broad St. & S Civic Center Dr, Columbus, OH 43215
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16 Ohio Statehouse Building in Columbus, Ohio

By 1861, it had taken 22 years and seven architects to complete the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. Consequently, the final building did not resemble any of the original designs. For example, a classic dome had been specified. Instead, a low conical roof was built. One critic called it, “a Chinese hat.” Nor does the building follow any single architectural style, although it does have several Greek elements. During the next 128 years, the original 54 rooms were expanded to over 300. This crowded much of the lavish interior spaces. Its best features are the numerous historic paintings and sculptures. Ohio became the 17th state on March 1, 1803.

1 Capitol Square, Columbus, OH 43215
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17 Ohio Statehouse Building Rotunda Dome in Columbus, Ohio

120 feet above the Ohio Statehouse rotunda marble floor is the dome’s oculus. The glass skylight, which was replaced in the 1990’s, displays the 1849 version of the Great Seal of the State of Ohio. Interestingly, the money for this replica skylight was raised a penny at a time by school children. The warm, salmon colors of the inner dome are the same as when the building was completed in 1861.

1 Capitol Square, Columbus, OH 43215
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18 Gavel Sculpture at Ohio Supreme Court by Andrew Scott in Columbus, Ohio

In a courtyard reflection pool beside the Ohio Supreme Court building in Columbus is this large judicial gavel. This 30 foot long, steel sculpture is appropriately called the “Gavel.” It was created by Andrew Scott, a professor at the University for Creative Careers. The sculpture was commissioned by the Ohio State Bar Association for approximately $200,000.

145 S Front St, Columbus, OH 43215
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My Wife Waits While I Take Photos in Columbus, Ohio

As is obvious by my website, I love to travel and take photographs. I also love my wife. Mary Beth is my constant trip companion. And it is a good thing she loves me because her patience is constantly tested while I pursue my next “must have and get it right” photo. She understands my passion for photography and is always supportive.


19 St. Joseph Cathedral in Columbus, Ohio

In 1868, Pope Pius IX created the Diocese of Columbus while a new church was under construction. In recognition of its new status, the partial building was torn down and this more elaborate, Gothic Revival design was completed in 1872. It is constructed primarily of sandstone and limestone. These natural materials glow in the sunlight with hues of amber, cream and yellows. Columbus’s first bishop, Bishop Rosecrans, was largely responsible for building this magnificent structure. However, one day after the Cathedral’s consecration, he died and was subsequently buried below the main altar.

212 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215
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20 Downtown Skyline, Ohio River Paddle Streamer Boat and Geese in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Cincinnati skyline on the north bank of the Ohio River only hints at the beauty of this city. Once you cross the John Roebling Suspension Bridge, you are greeted by a vibrant town. The population of 300,000 loves their sports (seven major facilities), riverfront, entertainment venues, historic buildings, arts and gorgeous outdoor wall murals. Cincinnati is also home to fifteen, Fortune 1000 companies including The Kroger Company and Proctor & Gamble.

Riverside Dr & Riverside Pl, Covington, KY 41011
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21 Great American Insurance Building and Ball Park Smokestacks in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Cincinnati Reds have a wonderful baseball stadium called the Great American Ball Park. It is named after the Great American Insurance Group. The company’s chairman used to own the team. In the background is the American Financial Group’s headquarters. The building opened on Queen City Square in 2011. Flanking it in this photo are two Power Stacks in the stadium’s outfield. They resemble steamboat smokestacks. During a game, they spew fireworks and steam. The seven baseball bats in each stack are a subtle tribute to Pete Rose’s jersey number 14.

330 Ohio River Scenic Byway, Cincinnati, OH 45202
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22 Saint Peter in Chains Catholic Cathedral Interior in Cincinnati, Ohio

The exterior of Saint Peter in Chains Catholic Cathedral in Cincinnati, Ohio, is stunning. The building features 12 Corinthian columns supporting the portico and a 220 foot limestone spire. The inside of this 1845 church is more impressive. Again, the Greek columns are a main architectural theme along with murals and a huge bronze door. Most impressive, however, is the gold mosaic behind the altar. It is 35 x 40 feet made from thousands of glass and stone pieces. On the lower left side is a depiction of St. Peter being released from prison chains, a reflection of the church’s name.

325 W 8th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
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23 Abraham Lincoln Statue at Lytle Park by George Barnard in Cincinnati, Ohio

In Lytle Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, is an 11 foot bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln. This tribute to the 16th president is called, “Lincoln – The Man.” It was sculpted by George Barnard. Notice he is beardless. This lack of facial hair suggests a pre-presidential timeframe. It was unveiled by President William Taft in 1917. Some people have been critical of the portrayal for its uncomplimentary realism while others praise it for the same reason.

501 E 4th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
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24 Sacred Heart Church in Dayton, Ohio

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Dayton, Ohio, was built in 1988 using a Romanesque Revival and Queen Anne style with a limestone façade. The architect was Charles Williams. He was responsible for about a dozen Dayton buildings starting in 1882. The church closed in 1996 and, for a while, was planned to be converted into a retirement home for priests and nuns. However, in 2002, based on a program called, “A New Home for Worship,” the building became a Vietnamese Catholic church.

217 W 4th St, Dayton, OH 45402
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25 Bockscar Plane Atomic Bomb Nagasaki at USAF National Museum in Dayton, Ohio

Look closely at the five “fat man” silhouettes under the pilot’s window of this B-29 bomber called Bockscar. The red symbol represents the mission on August 9, 1945. On that historical day, Major Charles Sweeney and his crew dropped the second and more powerful nuclear bomb on Nagasaki. The Japanese surrendered four days later and WWII was over. The plane, along with over 350 other aircraft, is on display at the National Museum of the United States Air Force near Dayton, Ohio.

1100 Spaatz St, Dayton, OH 45431
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