Colón, Panama

Colón is on the eastern, Caribbean coast of Panama. Its seaport is the terminal for most cruise ships arriving to the country. From here you can tour the Panama Canal and explore Panama City.

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1 Cruise Ship Terminal in Colón, Panama

If your cruise itinerary lists a one-day visit to Panama City, your ship will probably dock at the Colón 2000 Cruise Terminal. This is located on the east coast of Panama along the Caribbean Sea. The city was founded in 1850 as a sea port and named after Christopher Columbus. Other than some duty-free shopping after you disembark, there is very little to see in Colón. This is one port where you definitely want to sign up for excursions. Your best bets are to the Miraflores Visitor Center to experience the Panama Canal. Or arrange for the 50 mile drive to tour the capital city.

Terminal de Cruceros, Paseo Gorgas, Colón, Panama
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2 Christ Church By the Sea in Colón, Panama

In 1855, the Panama Railway was the first to operate a major commercial transportation link between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. The company also invested heavily in Colón’s infrastructure. An example is the Christ Church By the Sea. Built in 1864, it is the oldest Episcopal church in Central America. Since 2012, the Panama Canal Railway Company has offered two daily trains between Colón and Panama City. This is a fun, historic ride parallel to the Panama Canal.

Paseo Washington & Av. Bolivar, Colón, Panama
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3 Hotel Washington in Colón, Panama

The origin of the Washington Hotel dates back to 1870 when it was built for workers from the Panama Railroad Company. In 1910, during an inspection tour of the Panama Canal’s progress, President William Howard Taft complained of inadequate accommodations. He authorized a grant for a new hotel. It opened in 1913 and remained under management of the U.S. government until 1954. In its prime, it was a social epicenter of Panama’s Caribbean coast. Today, the Hotel Washington is past its prime but its façade is still lovely. Next to it is the New Hotel Washington.

Cl. 1era. AVE. Bolivar, Colón, Panama
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4 Immaculate Conception Cathedral Front View in Colón, Panama

The most impressive building in this town of 80,000 people is the Catedral Inmaculada Conception. This seems fitting because 80% to 90% of Panamanians are Catholic. The religion was introduced to Panama in the early 16th century by a Franciscan missionary named Juan de Quevedo. The Colón Cathedral was built in 1934.

Avenida Amador Guerrero & Calle 5ta, Colón, Panama
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5 Immaculate Conception Cathedral Profile View in Colón, Panama

This profile of the Immaculate Conception of Mary shows the brilliance of its Gothic architecture. Notice how its features glisten in the sun. This photo was taken a few days before its five-year restoration was complete in February 2016. Perhaps this radiating gem will be an inspiration to revitalize the surrounding neighborhood.

Avenida Amador Guerrero & Calle 5ta, Colón, Panama
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